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Danita Doleman

It's been more than 20 years since Danita C. Doleman has worked in business. As a businesswoman, Ms. Doleman has helped many nonprofit organizations, commercial businesses, government agencies, and small businesses on their journey to use computer technology in their businesses and to come up with sound business plans that lead to streamlined operations and more profit.

About Me

Ms. Doleman knows that success in business isn't just an accident. As a matter of fact, she has seen a lot of small and medium-sized businesses fail because of poor internal management or mismanaging clients or projects.

In her current job at SEAS Community Partners, Danita Doleman can help executive and management-level businesses in different industries improve their business strategies and plan projects with the goal of meeting the needs of their stakeholders or clients.


She has worked with a lot of people from the public and nonprofit sectors, as well as people from construction, real estate, technology, retail, and small to big businesses in many different fields.

In Danita Doleman's case, her background in both computer technology and business management allows her to help businesses and organizations use new technologies and sound business practices to move into new markets or service areas.


For her degree, Ms. Doleman went to Howard University, which is a historically black private university. She earned a degree in Computer-Based Information Systems from the School of Business. Her education taught her how to use computers and information systems to help businesses and organizations do their jobs better, which is what she did.

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